Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dr. K's All-Pro Sliders (PS2)

Note: These sliders were originally posted here. Post your comments/stats here and I will forward them to Dr. K, or contact Dr. K directly.

10 min quarters
Acc. Clock

Auto sub-in: 78
Auto sub-out: 86

Offense AI code: tcUbim43
Defense AI code: GQbz2cG3
Special Teams AI code: GDAd7b33

Penalties(from 1 to 10..10 being the entire bar)

False Starts: 10
Holding: 9
Face Mask: 7
Off. Pass Int: 8
Def. Pass Int: 8
Kick Catch Int: 5
Clipping: 6
Int. Grounding: 10
Roughing Passer: 6
Roughing Kicker: 6

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Madden 07 Sliders

This blog will feature sliders for Madden 07. I have previously been posting sliders made by various Madden fans on the MaddenZone, however I have decided to make a blog because it gives more accessibility and it is easier to update. If you want your sliders posted here, simply email me at